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The Superb 4-Way Fence Tool allows you to handle fence and gate jobs formerly requiring additional equipment and extra man-hours in record time. It features a reverse workhead for lifting - No gears or troublesome cables - Reliable action - Smooth, powerful stretching - One-man operation - Safe convenient release lever. Made of a rugged malleable iron heat-treated work head, this heavy-duty tool has over a 1000 lb pulling capacity. Work head fits posts up to a 3.5 inch diameter and has optional rod lengths of 2 1/2 feet or 4 feet.

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since 1958

PULJAK Company manufactures the PULJAK 4-way fence tool.  Fondly known as the 'Fenceman's Friend' the PULJAK allows individuals to lift, pull, align and stretch chain link fence and gates.  Proudly made in the USA, you can rely on the PULJAK for your fence and gate installation needs. PULJAK® is a registered trademark of NANMARK Inc.

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PULJAK Company  is the successor to Custom Products Corporation, manufacturer of PULJAK fence stretching tool since 1958. Mark and Nancy Eisele manufacture all models of this rugged fence tool in Northeast Pennsylvania and are always accessible when you have questions or need more information.