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The PULJAK comes in a variety of sizes - complete with accessories to fit all of your fence installation needs.​


The PULJAK Company offers a variety of pricing levels to fit your needs. 

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PULJAK® Company manufactures the PULJAK 4-way fence tool.  Fondly known as the 'Fenceman's Friend' the PULJAK allows individuals to lift, pull, align and stretch chain link fence and gates.  Proudly made in the USA, you can rely on the PULJAK for your fence and gate installation needs. PULJAK® is a registered trademark of NANMARK Inc.

since 1958

Authenticate your PULJAK Fence Tool. 

Beware of cheap imitations available on the market today.   The ORIGINAL Puljak Fence Tool is Made in the USA; designed to provide you with years of service.  Each Puljak is hand-assembled in our Pennsylvania production facility and bears the "Made in the USA" stamp on the workhead.   Ask your retailer to verify the Puljak Fence Tool is an original Puljak.