For use with Heavy Duty Hex, Woven, Welded, Wire Mesh and Galvanized Steel Fences.  These fence types are used for boundary fencing, construction fence, perimeter security,  horse paddocks, orchard fencing, dog kennels, barriers for gardens, residential property fencing, commercial land fencing, sports and recreation areas, sand and beach erosion fencing, industrial fencing, and privacy fencing.

Best Puljak model to use:  B 2 1/2

Reinforcing steel bar (Rebar) is used as a tension device in masonry and concrete.  The most commonly known uses for rebar are bridges, road construction, structural slabs, roof construction, and swimming pools.  The Puljak can be used for precise alignment required by building specifications and codes. 

Best Puljak model for rebar:  A 2 1/2

PULJAK Company manufactures the PULJAK 4-way fence tool.  Fondly known as the 'Fenceman's Friend' the PULJAK allows individuals to lift, pull, align and stretch chain link fence and gates.  Proudly made in the USA, you can rely on the PULJAK for your fence and gate installation needs. PULJAK® is a registered trademark of Centennial Fence Supply.

Stretch, pull, lift and align

all with a Puljak Fence Tool!

Chain Link

The Puljak tool was originally developed to help fencemen with chain link installation and repair.  Known as the "Fenceman's Friend", the Puljak is a part of every successful fencing crew.  See our Testimonials & Videos and Gallery.

Hex Web & WIRE MESH Fence


Fence Types for the Puljak Tool

The Puljak Fence Tool allows you to handle fence and gate jobs in record time as a one man operation.  Made of a rugged malleable heat-treated iron workhead, this heavy duty tool has a pulling capacity of over 1,000 lbs.  and is equipped with a safe convenient release lever.  The workhead fits posts up to a 3.5 inch diameter and has optional rod lengths of 2 ½ or 4 ft.  The B 2 ½ is the universal Puljak which can be used on most types of fence. 

​The Puljak Fence Tool is a multi-purpose tool for any type of fence installation or repair.  Stretch, pull, lift and align with the Puljak Four-Way Fence Tool!

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